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  Congratulations and thank you for your recent purchase of handmade furniture from Willow Works! We know your new addition is not only a piece of furniture… it’s an investment. To ensure your furniture will last a lifetime, just follow these steps:
1. Bug Repellant*
If used outside, very spring spray an outdoor bug repellent on the furniture and allow 48 hours for drying. We recommend using Spectracide Malathion Insect Spray Concentrate.*This Step can be skipped if using furniture indoors.
2. Treatment
Every 2-5 years treat your furniture with polyurethane or linseed oil. The frequency will depend on the amount of sun your furniture receives throughout the year, and the finish that you want. We recommend using ZAR® Ultra Exterior Oil Base Fast Drying Plyurethane Clear Satin, or Tried and True Linseed Oil. Be sure when you treat your furniture the temperature outdoors is above 55 degrees.
Need more information, just call:   270 227 4855
or email us at:   kindfolkhome@gmail.com.

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