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Walking For Willow
It starts early. Justin and George load up what little tools and supplies they need for the day. Peanuts and Pepsi are George’s favorite, while Justin prefers well water and whatever the garden is giving at the time. They start down the road sometimes with a destination in mind, other times just out to see where the road will take them.

They start on the back roads. The sound of Woody Guthrie plays low. They spot the Willow right off the bat and directly turn up the driveway past the ditch. Knocking on a strangers door and asking for permission to cut Willow on their land can get quite un-nerving. But usually people open up quite easily after a few minutes of talking to George Beard. The two craftsmen strike up a deal between themselves and the land owner. They have permission to cut; in exchange for a few chairs and a side table. This is one example of how they find materials. Immediately they set to work, the two men grab their tools and head into the thick. They harvest just enough for the projects at hand. When their done you can't even tell they've been there.
This new find is added to the list of spots both George and Justin have accumulated together, Most of them all approached in the same manner. Most people are happy to allow the men to cut. Willow grows back at an alarming rate and most see it as bothersome…..until they see what can be crafted from it.
Chair Making

Bulding chair frame with thicker willow

Chair rails and supports for bent willow

Bending willow for chair arms

Chair arms with bent willow

Bending willow for chair seat and back rest

Bending willow for chair seat

Bent willow chair ready for use
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